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Victoria’s Desalination Plant Project

05th August 2016


I was delighted to lead a tour to give technical textile, filtration and composite professionals a look behind the scenes of the Victorian Desalination Plant Project – the largest desalination plant in Australia and the largest reverse osmosis plant in operation globally.

On 4 August 2016, I was delighted to lead a tour for TTNA and Composites Australia members of Australia’s largest desalination plant. The Victorian Desalination Plant Project is the largest seawater reverse osmosis plant in operation globally and, putting politics aside, the plant is impressive particular in terms of its use of technical textiles in the filtration technology. It was built with some 55,000 membranes and 72 dual media filtration pumps that remove the salt and drive production of drinking quality water.

For the composites professionals in the group, it was pleasing to see applications in the piping and decking,but this corrosive environment presented an excellent opportunity for the use of a lot more!

In all, it was a brilliant tour, with outstanding engineering, great science and innovation.