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Riviera opens its doors to industry colleagues

23rd July 2017


It is often said that generosity can make your career, for leaders and managers who are generous engender trust, respect and goodwill from their colleagues and employees. Wes Moxey, CEO of Riviera Australia Pty Ltd, displayed all these characteristics in July when he opened the state-of-the-art luxury motor yacht building and showroom facilities on the banks of the Coomera River to Composites Australia members and guests.

Wes was compellingly honest about his management belief system and this was appreciated by the audience, judging by the nodding heads. He recounted the company’s 37-year journey through boom times and recessions to its current growth in the global luxury yacht market. Remarkably, Wes maintained his greatest achievement remained having 180 apprentices and establishing their training facility on site in the early 2000’s. While the apprenticeship pool is less these days, his commitment to making a great company through employing and training great people to make great boats is evident.

Wes joined Riviera in 1982 as a shipwright, just two years after the company was founded in 1980. His ascent into management took seven years and a further 11 to reach the role of Managing Director. Wes attributed Riviera’s success to the combination of four factors: the product remains niche and relies on American sizing, European styling and Australian practicality.

While model after model embodies innovation and the highest quality finish, he admitted that the company has a long way to go before it is “great in the area of fibre glassing”. Wes closed with a challenge that there are opportunities for experts to help Riviera in the fibre glassing journey to excellence.

Another event initiated and managed by the Apical team.