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Opportunities for Australian composite manufacturers in Malaysia Plan

01st June 2015

Event initiated and managed by Apical Int.,Export,Technology

The Australian composites industry trade mission to Malaysia is timely given the country’s focus on realising the Eleventh Malaysia Plan, 2016-2020, and the importance placed on innovation and technology – a nice synergy for Australia’s composites sector and its ability to offer innovative solutions.

It has been a privilege to lead the delegation of 10 composite professionals representing the Australian composites supply chain on this trade mission to Malaysia.

The mission has been encouraging, from the hospitality of our Malay hosts to the openness of the communication.

Our mission appears to be timely. The Eleventh Malaysia Plan, 2016-2020, is the final leg in the journey towards realising Vision 2020. Launched in 1991, Vision 2020 sets the path for Malaysia to become a fully developed country along all dimensions – economically, politically, socially, spiritually, psychologically, and culturally – by the year 2020. Innovation and technology are important pillars of the Eleventh Malaysia Plan. Composites materials and technologies offer innovative solutions – a nice synergy that hopefully opens doors to opportunities for Australia’s composites sector.

This synergy was further highlighted in our high level meeting with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) in Kuala Lumpur. The overall objective of CIDB is to develop the capacity and capability of the construction industry through the enhancement of quality and productivity to be achieved by placing great emphasis on professionalism, innovation and knowledge, in the endeavour to improve the quality of life.

From our discussions, the opportunities appear to be in infrastructure and the benefits of composite materials in terms of their light weight, ease installation, corrosion resistance and low maintenance.

The efficiency of composite infrastructure installation is also attractive, given that traffic is chaotic at times.

There are also significant opportunities for collaboration in other areas aligned with the goals of the Eleventh Plan, particularly for training.

Certainly the mission has provided valuable opportunities to establish relationships which we can continue to build on in the future for the mutual benefit of the Australian and Malaysian composite sectors.

We are therefore very grateful to Austrade for their support of this mission under the Asian Business Engagement (ABE) Plan and to Andrew Beehag of the CRC for Advanced Composites Structures for the organisational and market scoping efforts.

Photo: We were privileged to meet industry leaders such as Ir. Noraini Bahri, General Manager, Technology Division of the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia.