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Family manufacturing business shines  

01st April 2015

Event initiated and managed by Apical Int.,Technology

A Victorian family business showcases what it takes to succeed in the current challenging manufacturing environment.

The recent TTNA tour of the state-of the-art weaving facility, Defab in Cambellfield showcased a successful modern family business. According to Forbes magazine, most family businesses have a longer-term view of investment, they’re more stable; and inspire more trust and commitment in their employees. Family businesses still control a huge part of our economy.

The company’s product range is a testament to one of the key prerequisites for a successful family company, which is a dynamic business portfolio. Indeed, Defab’s range of fabrics has expanded to include apparel, internal and external sun protection, canvas and made-to-order fabrics for large scale purpose-designed developments. With its own brands and fabrics offered in partnership with leading overseas manufacturers, Defab’s range could be described as both niche and diverse at the same time.

Forbes also recognized that the success of family-owned businesses runs much deeper during turbulent times. Joe De Petro, the founders’ son described the company’s recovery and subsequent future-proofing strategies in the wake of a fire that knocked out its entire weaving capacity in 2008. These include major capital investments in weaving, coating and inspection technologies machinery – a herculean and visionary mission under the shadow of the GFC.