Fast fashion angst

06th December 2017

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Recently released reports by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Greenpeace demonstrate the global angst for the ecological footprint that fast fashion has managed to make in recent years, though both recommend step change that may take years.

Fast fashion is both speeding up and dumbing down, while eroding the value of the secondhand experience. Slow fashion, also known as sustainable fashion, ensures quality inputs and manufacturing to lengthen the life of the garment. Slow fashion has greater value, is designed for longevity and therefore more merchantable in the secondhand economy.

Advancing manufacturing: German ideal and Australian reality

04th December 2017

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Manufacturing is undergoing an historic transformation across the industrialised world. While we can learn from Germany, the reality is that Australia’s advanced composite manufacturing sector will adapt the best elements we have here, and around the world, to service our unique characteristics.

Rebirth of Melded Fabrics

16th May 2017

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A heartening confidence in manufacturing textiles in Australia is good reason for the owners of Melded Products to reinvest and reopen the iconic company.

Victoria’s Desalination Plant Project

05th August 2016


I was delighted to lead a tour to give technical textile, filtration and composite professionals a look behind the scenes of the Victorian Desalination Plant Project – the largest desalination plant in Australia and the largest reverse osmosis plant in operation globally.

The Silk Road extends to Australia

12th October 2015

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Thanks to the efforts of the Federation of Asian Professional Textile Associations (FAPTA), the Technical Textiles & Nonwoven Association (a client of Apical International), Deakin University and its Institute for Frontier Materials, the Silk Road is coming to Australia in November 2015!

It’s time to ramp up exports

02nd March 2015

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The power of proximity to Asia and a lower Australian dollar will no doubt stimulate export opportunities for Australian products and services and a new generation of exporters, says Kerryn Caulfield, Composites Australia Executive Officer.



Showcasing Australia’s capabilities in advanced composite solutions for infrastructure projects

11th November 2014


Advanced composite technologies are promising an exciting and creative era for infrastructure projects and Australia has the opportunity to be at the forefront.

Geofabrics a success story for Australian manufacturing

09th October 2014

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In the current extremely challenging climate for Australian manufacturing, it was heartening to have the rare opportunity to tour the new plant of geosynthentics specialist, Geofabrics Australasia in Ormeau, Queensland.

Retail therapy guaranteed to do good

01st September 2014

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Op shops are the public face of the charity recycling sector, arguably Australia’s largest social enterprise network that raises funds for vital community support programs while playing an important environmental role.

High value manufacturing requires training

18th August 2014

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My recent visit to the University of Sheffield’s AMRC Training Centre established with Boeing, demonstrated how training schemes focused on advanced and higher level engineering apprenticeships, come with much greater levels of employer engagement, helping ensure their needs are met while providing young people with the foundation for rewarding careers in some of the world’s most innovative industries.