Ryman Composites – a positive market outlook

23rd December 2017

Design,Event initiated and managed by Apical Int.

Organised by Apical Int., with a view to showcasing technology, some 80 Composite Australia members enjoyed their visit to Ryman Composites’ new manufacturing facility at Milperra, Sydney.

Guests had the opportunity to tour each stage of the modern 2,500 sq m production facility to see examples of the company’s diverse composite products and view each stage of production including design, lamination, mould making and finishing.

Among the highlights of the display was the opportunity for delegates to experience the award-winning SynFlyt 3DOF (degrees of freedom) outdoor flight motion simulator in a composite pod developed for pilot training schools large and small.

Chris believes strongly that there is room in the market if you are prepared to manufacture professionally. He shared salient advice gained from his experiences running a composites business for over 40 years. Lessons he has learnt — more often than not the hard way — include: run with a good thing; don’t undermine your suppliers; pay bills on time; share your success; and to carry people with you.

He has learnt to be cautious of people who distract you from your business, warning to be wary of customers that may attempt to run your business and inventors who may “never give birth”. Chris’ mantra is to “do it yourself and not buy other’s ideas”.

While always challenging, business is done on the power of good partnerships and customer relationships, says Chris.

Fast fashion angst

06th December 2017

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Recently released reports by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Greenpeace demonstrate the global angst for the ecological footprint that fast fashion has managed to make in recent years, though both recommend step change that may take years.

Fast fashion is both speeding up and dumbing down, while eroding the value of the secondhand experience. Slow fashion, also known as sustainable fashion, ensures quality inputs and manufacturing to lengthen the life of the garment. Slow fashion has greater value, is designed for longevity and therefore more merchantable in the secondhand economy.

Rebirth of Melded Fabrics

16th May 2017

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A heartening confidence in manufacturing textiles in Australia is good reason for the owners of Melded Products to reinvest and reopen the iconic company.

24 karat textile technology

05th April 2017


Golden undies!

Australian company aussieBum have created the world’s most expensive pair of undies, retailing at an eye-watering AU$14,500. The company had the 24 karat gold yarn developed in Germany and knitted into fabric in Queensland.

Evangeline Agius, Co Owner of the specialist elastane fabric manufacturer Technical Fabric Services (TFS) Australia Pty Ltd, said that knitting the fabric was exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. “We certainly made sure that there was no waste” said Eva. Research and development and world first developments is an essential part of their business. Knitting gold fibre is one of their most effective examples of make dreams a reality.

aussieBum is the brainchild of Australian Sean Ashby, who founded the company in 2001 and said the idea for the golden underwear came from Australia’s gold mining days. The website can be found at this link:


Photograph copyright Aussiebum – wonderful ingenuity and innovation.

The Silk Road extends to Australia

12th October 2015

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Thanks to the efforts of the Federation of Asian Professional Textile Associations (FAPTA), the Technical Textiles & Nonwoven Association (a client of Apical International), Deakin University and its Institute for Frontier Materials, the Silk Road is coming to Australia in November 2015!

The case for “greening” production

19th June 2014

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This conference was a celebration of sustainability as an opportunity rather than an onerous obligation.