Campaign: Growing Australia's technical textile exports

The issue

Australia’s regime of protective tariffs on textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) imports has been gradually reducing since the ‘90s, leaving the local manufacturing sector exposed to low cost imports. Victoria was particularly vulnerable to any downsizing in manufacturing and related job losses.

In parallel, Australian products, particularly those made from Australian fibre were increasingly in demand around the world. The tyranny of distance and inward policies had left the sector with few skills, knowledge or contacts to take advantage of the opportunities to expand into new, large international markets.

The solution

The Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development commissioned Apical International to deliver a series of “Market Access & Development” forums to the Victorian textile, clothing and footwear industry.

The program of forums proved to be an efficient, lucid and potent method to distribute information to the industry on the opportunities in new market,s while identifying and addressing relevant market access issues.

Apical International commissioned commercial research to inform the content of the forums to ensure industry had access to the latest information on local and global market trends. The forums also provided a ‘how to’ export component to meet the needs of a major segment within the industry. Themes included:

  • Exporting – the how to and why?
  • Australian interior textiles: Opportunities to market in the Gulf Region
  • The Korean fashion and apparel industry
  • Exporting technical and nonwoven textiles to the US
  • Exporting apparel and interior textiles: the US mail order catalogue business
  • The Australian duty free and tourism industry: Opportunities for textile, clothing and footwear marketers
  • The internationalisation of the Australian surf, skate and street wear industry
  • Old and new Europe: the interior textile industry
  • The Australian retail industry: Fashion, apparel and accessories
  • New Zealand: The market for Australian apparel and textiles
  • Where to from here? – the future of the textile, clothing and footwear industry

A comprehensive website, managed by Apical International, supported the forums and provided the industry with access to the market research.