About Apical International

Strengthening Australia’s industry sectors

Apical International has a proven track record of providing creative customised solutions to strengthen Australia’s industry sectors.

Apical is in an excellent position to advance and unify industry sectors. We draw on more than 20 years of experience working in manufacturing, global and domestic business development, consulting to governments and providing executive management services to industry groups and not for profit associations.

Our industry and government clients use Apical’s expertise to

  • advance knowledge and skills
  • unify and strengthen sectors
  • connect industry with research and innovation organisations
  • profile new and emerging technologies
  • build strong domestic and international linkages.

The Apical team takes pride in delivering trustworthy services, positive outcomes and value for clients and their members – whom we treat as OUR members.

Meet Kerryn Caulfield

Kerryn Caulfield is the Chief Operations Officer of Apical International Pty Ltd.

Kerryn values family, integrity, people who make things, people who help others, the environment and the creative process.

She established Apical in 1998, servicing now long-standing clients and building extensive experience in providing executive management and governance services to industry groups and not for profit associations.

Kerryn participates in government and industry-driven committees and forums to design and formulate policy at state and federal levels. She also manages and implements government initiatives aiming to build capability and strengthen industry sectors.

Through her extensive global and national industry and academic networks, Kerryn stays at the forefront of knowledge of new and emerging advanced manufacturing technologies, advanced materials, sustainability solutions, new and potential applications and market trends.

Keenly aware of the complex relationship between environmental and economic sustainability and governance in today’s society, Kerryn recognises there are also economic opportunities in meeting the challenges of ecological and socially sustainable development.

Prior to forming her company, Kerryn held senior international trade positions with the Australian Chamber of Manufacturers and large manufacturing firms. Her contribution towards Australian exports was recognised by the Australian Trade Commission and the College of International Business and provided her with a legacy of global contacts which she fosters and continues to grow.

Ministerial appointments include the Board of the International Fibre Centre; the State of Design Advisory Council (State); the Asia in Australia Council; and the TCF Action Agenda Advisory Board (Federal). Kerryn is also a board member of the Australian Alpaca Fleece Limited.

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